How to restart iCloud Sync

0. IMPORTANT: Backup your device – It is important to run a system backup in case something goes wrong

  • Backup all your devices with iTunes or iCloud

1. Select single main device and backup your AppBox Pro data

  • Open AppBox Pro, tap “Apps > Backup & Restore on Dropbox”.
  • Link you Dropbox account and tap “Backup”.

2. Disable iCloud in AppBox Pro – Disable iCloud sync in AppBox Pro on your main device.

  • Open AppBox Pro, tap “Apps > Settings”.
  • Turn the “Use iCloud” switch to the “Off”.

3. Delete AppBox Pro from all other devices while keep remain in main device

4. Delete AppBox Pro iCloud data

  • Open Settings of your device and tap “iCloud”
  • Tap “Storage”
  • Tap “Manage Storage”
  • Tap “AppBox Pro”
  • Tap the “Edit” button
  • Tap “Delete All”
  • Wait more than 10 minutes

5. Enable iCloud in AppBox Pro on your main device

  • Open AppBox Pro
  • Tap “Apps > Settings”
  • Turn the “Use iCloud” switch to the “On”.

6. Install the AppBox Pro on your other devices and enable iCloud sync