AppBox: Useful 13 Apps in One

AppBox is Useful 13 apps in One application!


– cm, inch ruler

– Available on all iOS devices which have the front camera
– Pinch to ZOOM & ROTATE
– SHAKE or DOUBLE TAP to revert back to the default view.

– 195 Currency codes and 3 metals
– Update Option(Automatic/Manual)

– Days between dates
– Adding days to date
– Day of Week
– Lunar(Chinese)/Solar Converter

– Photo View & Table View
– Flip View for remaining or past dates

– 83 countries and Jewish calendar.
– Holiday rules changing every year in the world, for example, Easter day, Chinese Lunar Calendar, Islamic Calendar and Jewish Calendar.

– Two Levels: Surface and bubble
– Three types of units
– Calibration
– Lock / Unlock

– Amortization Tab with Pie Chart
– Comparison Tab with Bar Chart and Pie Chart
– Amortization Schedule View
– Mail Send View

– Bar Chart for price, quantity, and unit price
– Circle chart based on unit price

– Menstrual cycle calendar also known as fertility calendar
– Indicates days with increased probability of getting pregnant
– Makes predictions of upcoming dates
– Keeps records of previous cycles

– Tax Option
– Split Option

– Area, Length, Pressure, Temperature, Volume, Weight

Every tool​ have
– Shake the phone to clear value with sound
– Nice and beautiful graphic user interface design
– Easy to Use, intuitive interface design
– Big and easy to use number pad acting like usual calculator and “Done” button to hide number pad
– Blinking input indicator, orange twin triangle indicate which one is current input


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Moment – Easy and Smart Dashboard for iPhone and Apple Watch

Moment – Easy and Smart Dashboard for iPhone and Apple Watch makes your life easy, smart and focused on your health.

– Monitor your Today Steps, Distance and Calories
(Moment reads Steps, Walking + Running Distance and Active Calories from Apple HealthKit data.)
– Current temperature, Current condition, Today forecast and Sunrise/Sunset
– Battery life of your iPhone
– Beautiful Digital and Analog clock

Today Widget
Moment offers a dashboard widget that is placed in the Notification Center.
Access the dashboard from any screen, including the locked screen.
Just swipe down from the top of the screen.

Announce the time with Quotes of the moment
– Every hour, every half hour or every quarter hour
– With Quote and Voice

Apple Watch
– Today Steps
– Weather
– iPhone Battery
– Ring your iPhone with fun sounds
– Display Today Steps or iPhone Battery on your Watch Glance

Ring iPhone sounds
Find your phone with easy and style directly from your wrist.
Use cool sounds that would help you find your phone
if you lost it under a pillow or around the corner.
– Applause
– Baby
– Battle
– Bebbob Beat
– Birds
– Country Song
– Cuckoo
– Digital
– Drum and Percussion
– Electronic
– Fantasy
– Golf
– High Pitch
– High Screech
– Hits Woody Big
– Jungle
– Multi Beat
– Old Style Alarm
– Rain
– Rooster
– School Bell

Data collected from HealthKit will not be used for marketing and advertising purposes.


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Magic Numpad

Magic Numpad for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a smart numeric keyboard that speeds-up arithmetic calculations, enhancing your built-in keyboard.

You can enter arithmetic expressions without the hassle of switching among different types of keyboards.
Type symbols like ×(multiply symbol rather than the letter x), or ÷ in your text which, is impossible without Magic Numpad.

Say goodbye to awkward, outdated calculators with automatic calculation.
Magic Numpad calculates instantly whenever you type in numbers and operators.
You don’t need to clear the calculator app for every new calculation or re-enter your original numbers multiple times.
Just tap the Check button and the result will appear in your text.

Tap anywhere in between arithmetic expressions in your text.
Magic Numpad detects and calculates automatically.
Just tap the Check button, it will add the result to the end of the expression, automatically.

In addition, Magic Numpad offers a CALCULATOR widget that is placed in the Notification Center.
Access the calculator from any screen, including the locked screen.
Just swipe down from the top of the screen.

iPhone 5 - 4 inch - 05

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