Use iCloud with AppBox Pro™

iCloud stores your data and keeps them up-to-date across your iOS devices.
You always have the most current versions at hand, no matter which device you used to make your latest edits.

Set up AppBox Pro™ to use iCloud

To use iCloud, you must sign in with your Apple ID in Settings, and make sure iCloud is turned on for AppBox Pro™.

1. Tap Settings on your Home screen, then tap iCloud.

2. Sign in to your account using your Apple ID, or request a new Apple ID, then sign in.

3. Tap  > next to Documents & Data, then turn on Documents & Data.

4. In the list of apps, turn on AppBox Pro™. This setting allows AppBox Pro™ to store data in iCloud.

When iCloud is turned off for AppBox Pro™ on this device, edits or new data that you create aren’t saved to iCloud, and new or changed data from other devices aren’t available in AppBox Pro™ on this device.

If you edit a item on more than one device before saving any of your changes to iCloud, you will get conflicts. To avoid conflicts, make sure your edits are always saved to iCloud before editing the same item on another device.